A Flintstones Christmas Carol is an animated made-for-TV movie based on the original 1960s series classic, The Flintstones and on the holiday novel of the same name by Charles Dickens.

one christmas eve wilma flintstone was decorating the christmas tree meanwhile barney rubble, betty rubble, arrive at the flintstones house to play with pebbles. then bamm bamm rubble walks slowly over to pebbles and slowly bamm bamm gives pebbles a kiss on the lips. meanwhile fred flintstone walks in and talks to his friend barney rubble to see how he was going. BOOM in burst dino carrying a huge christmas bone for his stocking .wow dino. says wilma flintstone. finally pebbles and bamm bamm clapped their hands together. weeeeeeeeee laughs pebbles. BAM BAM BAM says bamm bamm as he was about to hit dino on the head with his bat he runs over to dino and starts to jump up and down and yells as loud as he could. BAM BAM BAM he starts to hit dino as hard as he could. BAM. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cries dino. whats the matter dino asks fred. BAMM BAMM he cries as he runs to his dog house still crying . pebbles and bamm bamm start laughing. but nobody else laughed. POOR DINO yells wilma flintstone after she saw dino crying. fred did you do this, says wilma. but fred said he didn,t finally it was time to eat christmas cookies and talk by the fire. afterwards it was time for barney, betty, and bamm bamm to go home. well we,ll see you tommorrow for more visits and watch presents to be opened. says barney. after they had left. wilma hugs fred and says i love you dear. pebbles jumps up to join the hug. then dino slowly walks back out and joins the hug. the next morning dino springs out of his dog house to see if there wre more presents under the tree. finally there was.

Directed by Joanna Romersa


Charles Brickens


Fred Flintstone - Ebonezer Scrooge Wilma Flintstone - Belle/Ghost of Christmas Past Barney Rubble - Bob Cragit/Fezzewig Betty Rubble - Mrs. Cragit Pebbles Flintstone - Martha Cragit Bamm-Bamm Rubble - Tiny Tim Mr. Slate- Jacob Marbley Ms. Feldspar - Fan Scrooge Dino - The Cragits' pet/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

Voice cast

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