One of the best things about The Flintstones is all of the animals that are used for tools, appliances.

Here is a list I have compiled from other sites and from memory. As I notice other animal tools on the show I will add them to the list, so check back from time to time.

List of Animal Tools

  • Bird Airplane
  • Bird Alarm Clock
  • Bird Automatic Door Opener
  • Bird Broom
  • Bird Camera
  • Bird Car Horn
  • Bird Clothes Pins
  • Bird Crocheting Needles
  • Bird Fire Starter
  • Bird Hedge Clipper
  • Bird Intercom
  • Bird Letter Opener
  • Bird Pen
  • Bird Pie Maker
  • Bird Rake
  • Bird Record Player
  • Bird Sewing Machine
  • Bird Whistle
  • Bumblebee Razor
  • Cat Broom
  • Crab Lawnmower
  • Cuckoo Clock Alarm
  • Dinosaur Automatic Ball Pitcher
  • Dinosaur Crane
  • Dinosaur Drawbridge
  • Dinosaur Elevator Lift
  • Dinosaur Mower
  • Dinosaur Time Clock
  • Elephant Gas Pump
  • Mammoth Shower
  • Mastodon Vacuum
  • Monkey Lights
  • Monkey Traffic Signal
  • Octopus Dishwasher
  • Pelican Garbage Can
  • Pelican Mailbox
  • Pig Garbage Disposal
  • Porcupine Hairbrush
  • Porcupine Scrub Brush
  • Porcupine Sewing Needles
  • Rabbit TV Antenna
  • Stegosaurus Food Processor
  • Swordfish Knife
  • Triceratops Juicer
  • Turtle Car Jack
  • Turtle Checkers Table
  • Turtle Clothes Iron
  • Turtle Shopping Cart
  • Turtle Drum
  • Turtle Wagon

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