Sharon Stone is Cliff Vandercave's ex-girlfriend and ex-henchwoman, and Fred Flintstone former secretary and former sexual-affair. She is portrayed as the secondary villain, until she switches sides, for her love of Fred. She helps him in his plot to frame a quarry worker for embezzling millions of dollars from Slate & Co. while the two of them run off with the real embezzled money. When Fred Flintstone is chosen to be the scapegoat, Cliff has Miss Stone hired as Fred's secretary, knowing that she will be able to seduce him into doing whatever she wants.

After Fred is brought into his new office, Miss Stone soon arrives and catches Fred's attention right away, as he cannot stop staring at her gorgeous body, not even to blink. Miss Stone offers her "personal" services to Fred, and then asks he can do anything to her. Due to his shock at her beauty, he cannot speak. After Cliff leaves the two of them alone, Miss Stone spreads her legs to make her panties clearly visible to Fred while her right leg lies on his lap. Then after getting off him, she asks him in a charming tone if he wants anything, specifically coffee. When he agrees, she bends over (getting close enough to kissing Fred) asks him how he would like it, and before her lips could touch his, he replies "In a cup". Miss Stone smiles and tells him he made a bold choice and that he will go far as executive in the company.

After a few weeks of playfully flirting and doing sexual acts with each other (which Fred makes sure not to tell his wife about), Miss Stone notices that Fred is beginning to get suspicious. And one day when Fred wants to actually read what he signing, Miss Stone decides she must sexually please him for him to not uncover the plan. She slides onto Fred's desk and sexually fools around with him to keep him preoccupied from finding out about Cliff's plan, before she sleeps with him. However, Wilma walks into the office and sees Fred giggling while being sexually played by Miss Stone, infuriating her. Fred's dictabird notices Wilma walk in, but Fred is too distracted by Miss Stone's beauty and her sexual advances, so he ignores the bird, but looks up and sees her just as Miss Stone is about to kiss him. Fred is so embarrassed by the situation that he introduces Wilma by the wrong name and forgets his daughter's name.

The situation then becomes worse after Wilma catches Fred blushing after Miss Stone makes bedroom eyes with him, and then sees Fred drooling over his lust for her swerving as she walks away. Wilma said she was very attractive. Fred said really he hadn't noticed, obviously lying as he trys to get out of the trance. She glared at him and he tried to change the subject by showing her his office.

After Fred goes on the run from the police once Cliff's plan succeeds, Miss Stone begins feeling guilty, possibly because of actually devolving true feelings for Fred while she was seducing him. She later helps Fred stop Cliff and then turns evidence proving Fred's innocence over to the police, but is arrested as Cliff's accomplice. Fred promises her that he'll tell the police that she helped him, possibly getting her a lighter sentence. She responds by telling Fred that she enjoyed being "bad" with him, and then winks at him while he wishfully stares at her gorgeous body and behind, hoping he could ram it on his desk again one day, as she walks away.


Miss Stone has a gorgeous and statuesque body, that she takes full advantage of. She usually wears a two piece animal print suit, with a skirt and a contracting bra, that reveals her cleavage. Miss Stone obliviously knows of her figure, and try to use it as much as possible to distract and seduce Fred. She uses her wide hips and busty cleavage to ogle Fred. It also should be noted that her bra goes from being thorn, to a normal looking bra, to back again thorn, if you watch the scenes.

Relationship with Fred Flintstone

At the starting of the movie, Miss Stone shows no real emotional connection to Fred, as she sees him as only as a scapegoat. And when she becomes his secretary, she puts on a lustful exposure, that made it seem she was sexually attracted to Fred. As time goes by, it is hinted that Fred and her are having an affair, being more deeper than just flirting. It is shown that she still puts on the exposure, but acts more kindly than seductive to him, until he almost finds out Cliff's plan, then she goes back to it, in full capacity. But after finding Fred breaking a model in a conference room, she is told how smart she is by Fred, and how her looks are not the only thing about her. She than asks him about his wife, which Fred responds to questioning why she would ever wanted to marry him, and she truthfully says she knows why. This moment shows that she may have developed a real attraction to Fred, as she seems to have a presence of guilt, and afterwards she trys to get Cliff to stop the charade. Later on after her being arrested, she hints again that Fred and her may have been sexually intimate with their time spent together, as she says how she enjoyed being "bad" with him, and will miss it