For the machine created by Barney, see Flintstone Flyer.
The X-Ray Story
Episode information

The Flintstones (1960)



Episode number


Original airdate

December 29, 1961

Animated by

William Keil

Written by

Warren Foster
Michael Maltese
Arthur Phillips

"The X-Ray Story" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of The Flintstones. It first aired on December 29, 1961.


Dino's x-rays are mistaken for Fred's. As a result, Wilma thinks Fred has the illness Dino has ("a dinopeptic germ" which is harmless to dinosaurs, but deadly to humans), and this causes hilarious results. According to the doctor, the dinopeptic germ would kill Fred when he is asleep and said the only cure is for the patient to be active and awake for 72 hours, in which the germ will pop out of the patient.


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